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CAM Interest Group events in the European Parliament

More and more members of the European Parliament show up with increasing interest in methods of Integrative medicine and CAM (Complementary and alternative medicine) as part of health policies. Also some Finnish MEPs have expressed the increasing need of citizens to have safe and effective methods of integrative medicine availabe. "Interest groups" are events in the the European Parliament, hosted by MEPs to provide information to MEP collegues on disticts issues. The CAM Interest group intents to provide information on Integrative medicine, Integrative health care and CAM. CAM IG events are hosted by MEPs Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland) and Alojz Peterle (EPP, Slovenia).

CAM Interest Group Events in the European Parliament

Further information:

February 2018
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): its benefits for EU citizens with musculoskeletal disorders

July 2015
Ensuring the availability of CAM medicinal products

April 2014
CAM: Reducing the need for antibiotics

June 2013
CAM: An investment in health

March 2012
Cancer and the contribution of CAM

October 2011
The need for research into health promotion and CAM

April 2011
Healthy ageing, chronic disease management and the potential contribution of CAM in these areas

November 2010
EU Directives are not working for products used in CAM


CAM Conference in the European Parliament 9.10.2012

On the 9 October 2012, Members of the European Parliament, health professionals, patients and policy makers gathered in the European Parliament to hear and debate presentations on the innovative added value of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for European Healthcare. The potential that CAM has to maintain health, prevent ill-health  promote healthier lifestyles and contribute to the sustainability of health systems should not be disregarded by the European Union at a time when health funding is under so much pressure from economic and demographic pressures, the Conference forcefully concluded.
The event was hosted by MEP Elena Oana Antonescu (EPP, Romania) and co-hosted by MEPs Sirpa Pietikäinen  (EPP, Finland) and Alojz Peterle (EPP, Slovenia).